The Business School Programme allows you to study for a Bac+5 Masters level diploma. The 1st cycle is based on learning the basics and experience abroad. The 2nd cycle is devoted to specialisation.

1st cycle

The 1st cycle is a general course. Students learn the basics of management for 3 years, while being immersed in the business world.

  • The 1st year focuses on understanding the consumer and the relationship a company has with its clients.
  • The 2nd year concerns the management and control of activities in the company that serve as a support for customer satisfaction.
  • In the 3rd year, the basics of management are studied again and looked at in more depth from an international perspective.

IPAG Business School students also have the option of following a five-year Country Tracks program. The goal of this course: to train executives and managers, who will not only graduate with a degree from an accredited French business school, but will also be immediately operational in each of the program regions.  Tuition fees remain the same for students who choose this option.

Learn more about Country Tracks

2nd cycle

The 2nd cycle is devoted to specialisation, in-depth studies and career guidance.

• In the 4th year, students opt for an area of specialisation: human resources, international commerce, procurement and logistics, finance, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship.

• In the 5th year, students finalise their career plans and study a chosen topic in more depth by preparing a research dissertation.

International diplomas

In addition to giving its students the opportunity to study in one of its 130 partner universities worldwide, IPAG allows them to graduate with a Masters II level dual diploma.

IPAG Nice offers a dual competence diploma in engineering and management in partnership with the Politecnico in Turin.