Dual degrees allow you to acquire an international profile. They involve spending half of your 5th year in a partner university. The research dissertation that is jointly managed by both institutions must be validated at both IPAG and in the partner university. Graduating with two Masters opens up extensive international career opportunities.

The 8 dual degrees on offer at IPAG Business School

5th year students complete their specialisation course by studying for a dual degree (Master of Science, MBA), which gives them an international profile. By studying at an English-speaking university and graduating with an internationally recognised diploma, they are sure to be recruited by leading groups.

Admission to dual degrees requires at least 550 points at the TOEFL.


With more than 500 London-based banks, the British capital is one of the best place to be trained in international finance, around the greatest professionals in the industry. This program prepares student to work in this field and contribute to strategic decision-making.

International Marketing

Napier University is one of the most innovative in Great Britain. It prepares to careers in Marketing and International Management, as well as in Tourism and Events.

Graduates of this Master of Science are specialists in Digital Marketing. They are able to evolve in a competitive and globalized environment. Their profile is much appreciated by companies.

International Management and Entrepreneurship

Students evolve in an international environment. They are trained in business unit development for big groups or smaller businesses in services or industry whishing to establish themselves on emerging markets.

This generalist program (Economy, Marketing, Management, Finance and Organization) prepares to a wide range of Management careers. It enables students to enter companies who wish to develop internationally.

Human Resource

Students are trained in Human Resource management and social relations. As managers, they are able to manage and motivate international teams and to contribute to the development of international companies.

International Management – 100% in English

This dual degree aims at giving students strategic management skills in major decision-making fields. It highlights the new features of contemporary business environment.


​Offered by IPAG Business School and the Turin Politecnico, the “Management, Innovation and Technology” 5-year dual degree allows students to master complementary skills in Business and Operations Management. 

Admission in 1st or 2nd year. 

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