At IPAG, students can enroll in different international programs. From an undergraduate program like the BBA to dual degrees, MBAs, summer programs, MSc or DBAs, the school offers a wide range of programs to get international experience. Getting a degree from two countries enables students to broaden their professional opportunities and to qualify for higher salaries. 


Dual degrees

4th and 5th year dual degree admissions are based on an entrance exam and an interview. They require a minimum TOEFL score of 550.

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IBMP admissions require a bac+3 level. The program is opened to foreign students wishing to benefit from an international training in France. It requires both a good level of English (TOEFL score of 550) and a good level of French (B2 level).

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A bac+4 level is required to enter any MBA program. Admissions in all in English MBAs and French-English MBAs are based on application file and interview. Minimum TOEFL score required is 550.

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MSc programs (Finance and International Management)

MSc programs require a bac+4 level. They enable students to get a Business School Master of Science degree and to specialize in Finance or International Management.

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The DBA is a bac+9 postgraduate degree, in partnership with the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute. Participants conduct a several-year research project. Admission to DBA implies both institutions.

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Summer School

Admission to IPAG's Summer School is open to any foreign student wishing to discover France and get Management training in English, in French or in both languages.

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