Every year, Ipag BS receives professors from dozens of international partner universities during International Week.

Visiting professors: Discovering other teaching methods

International Week is organised by the international team and is held every year in January.

On this occasion, Ipag BS receives professors who lecture in the school’s international partner universities. They give lectures to 4th year students.

This exchange is also part of the Erasmus programme. It gives students and professors alike the opportunity to experience new teaching methods and other cultures.

Professors from all over the world

Since International Week was established, Ipag BS has received visiting professors from universities all over the world:

Fachhochschule Studien Gänge – Austria

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems – Austria

School of Business Administration – China

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – Finland

University of Helsinki – Finland

University of Hertfordshire – Great-Britain

Nottingham Trent University – Great-Britain

University of Macedonia – Greece

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – Japan

Banku Augstskola – Latvia

Escuela Bancaria y Comercial BC – Mexico

Universidad de León – Spain

Istanbul Bilgi University – Turkey

Visiting professors

Marina Prem: Sales Management – Key Account Management and Sales Force Compensation
Nina Trinkl: Marketing Management – international business in strategic planning
Suman Lederer: Intercultural Communication
Denise Kleiss: Organizational Behavior
Lilian Snellman: Management challenges in modern global virtual organizations and teams
Corinna Casi: Environment and Business: ethical considerations
Nasser Jamalkhan: The importance of Marketing Audit in a Marketing Plan
Hafez Abdo: Accounting methods: Full Costing & Successful Efforts
Ngoc Thao Nguyen: Investment Decisions – Net Present Value
Fotis Vouzas: Innovation & Creativity in a period of Economic crisis – The role of SME in Europe
Tsuneo Sakamoto: What is wrong with Japanese companies and what can we do about it?
Vilhelmine Brauna: Intercultural Competence Development in International Business
Daniel Trejo Medina: Knowledge Management
Cristina Gutiérrez López: Financial crisis & the EU: banking sector & monetary issue
Cristina Alvarez-Folgueras: The effect of globalization on the international production structure
Faruk ZiyFirat: Cash Flow Statements
Deniz Kantur: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Corporate
Emine Eser Telci: Marketing Management