Our faculty is central to knowledge creation and dissemination at Ipag. Our permanent and affiliated researchers work on internationally acclaimed research in most of the major disciplines of economics and management. Ipag maintains an institutional culture that favors the creation of high-quality research, mainly through the recruitment of international researchers with high academic credentials and a strong industry background.

Our research activity is structured into two major areas: functioning of markets and financial strategies, and new perspectives in resources and knowledge management. Their innovative theoretical and applied research skills enable Ipag Lab members to stay at the forefront of business and management education, as well as professional and industry expertise. 

The Ipag Lab’s 2 main areas of study

Functioning of markets and financial strategies

  1. Functioning of markets, and consumer and investor behavior research

     Examples of target journals include:

  1. Financial strategies and corporate governance

    Examples of target journals include:

New perspectives in resources and knowledge management

  1. Sustainable use of human and natural resources

  1. Production optimisation, information systems and logistics

Ipag Lab publications



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