Ipag BS holds its own against the top business schools thanks to the Ipag Lab. With over 70 professors or affiliated members, the school’s research laboratory produces annually a number of publications. It also has an increasing number of prestigious partnerships.

A recent laboratory and already a leader among business schools

The Ipag Business School research laboratory was set up in 2009. It focuses on developing theoretical and applied knowledge in economics and management.

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Ipag Lab has been one of Ipag Business School’s core investments since it was first set up. It has become a leader in the post-Bac school market. It holds its own against the top management schools.

Strengths of the Ipag Lab

  • Over 70 researchers or affiliated members
  • A pedagogy fostered by the close links with industrial actors
  • Participation in a number of international symposiums
  • Some 150 publications (books, articles) a year in leading economic and management reviews
  • Members of editorial boards of some of the leading international journals
  • Host to visiting professors from the largest international universities

The Ipag Lab: A partner of prestigious partner institutions

The Ipag Lab can offer its students and professors-researchers optimal working conditions thanks to the partnerships it has forged with highly recognised scientific institutions: the EconomiX laboratory of the CNRS and University Paris X, and the Thema laboratory of the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

The work in the partnership takes on many forms: exchanges, joint publication of articles, joint organisation of symposiums, seminars, research workshops….