In 2012 IPAG Business School signed an exclusive agreement with Yunnan Normal University, authorizing Ipag 3rd year students and international exchange programme applicants to spend one semester on this Chinese campus.

A part of the impressive 543 acres-sized campus with the highly modern facilities and infrastructure is dedicated to Ipag. Situated in the town of Kunming, nicknamed “Eternal Spring” due to its charming weather year-round, the campus offers a unique opportunity to discover Chinese language and culture, as well as the magnificent scenery of this beautiful Chinese province. Its cultural diversity, the local hospitality and the courses delivered by Ipag Business School faculty leave an unforgettable memory for those that choose the Yunnan campus as a study destination.



The Californian campus Riverside offers the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious Universities in the state and allows students to specialize in different fields of management. Located 60 km away from Los Angeles, this establishment is renowned for its research.

A special articulation agreement between UCR and IPAG Business Schools enables our students to spend one year at the Californian campus and study with 20,000 students on site.



IPAG India office was inaugurated in October 2014 to assist Indian students during the admission process. IPAG office is located in dynamic Bangalore, which is known as “the Sillicon Valley” of India and the second-fastest growing major metropolis of the country.

IPAG India office address:
41/1 Palm Grove Road
Austin Town
Bengaluru – 560 047
For more information, please contact Ullas Kunhambu : ullas.kunhambu.blr@ipag.fr