Campus Ipag Riverside : une formation attractive dans un cadre idéalSixty kilometers away from Los Angeles, University of California Riverside is one of the State’s most prestigious university, where IPAG students can specialize in different fields of Management. This campus is accessible from the 3rd year on. 

University of California Riverside

With 21,000 students, University of California Riverside is one of the State’s biggest universities. Renowned for its Research labs, it offers IPAG students the opportunity to study in an exceptional environment and to deepen their knowledge in Management in the dynamic context of the world’s most important economy

Riverside associate campus: the advantages

The Riverside associate campus is a wonderful place to study, for many different reasons. IPAG students can benefit from discounted prices for many services: supermarkets, stores, cafeteria… They will discover life in an American residence hall and make friends easily. 

In the heart of California, in a Campus near the mythical Palm Desert, they will study in one of the planet’s most dynamic economic ecosystems

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