The School’s Mission

“Through its academic programs and through research of high international standard, the mission of IPAG Business School is to produce business graduates who are responsible and versatile, combining the values of French society and culture with a global, multi-cultural outlook. This mission contributes to both business practice and research.”


“Teaching managers how to adapt to a globalized and fast changing world and conducting research of high international standards”

IPAG educates graduates who have strong social responsibility and ethical awareness built on a solid academic base and a specialisation. The school encourages diversity to create agile, cross-functional managers. It has a strong connection with the business world, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

IPAG is anchored in its territory and economy but has global reach and an international outlook.

IPAG conducts research of international standards, to enhance its teaching and programs and create new knowledge to serve society and business.


The School’s Values

All of IPAG Business School’s values are consistent with its ethic of responsibility. IPAG Business School seeks to offer programs at a ‘human scale’ and attaches great importance to the values of responsibility, openness and innovation. Our goal is to reveal and promote excellence.

Responsibility: While preparing its students to compete as employees of companies in the market sector, the School itself is a non-profit institution. All of its activities and resources are devoted to constantly improving its programs. The School’s philosophy is to encourage students to assume full responsibility for their choices and actions.

Openness: By requiring each student to spend at least one year abroad, offering the possibility of multi-country tracks and exchange programs, IPAG Business School creates a worldwide network. Classes are multicultural, giving students the opportunity to become acquainted with other cultures.

Responsiveness and innovation: The human scale of IPAG Business School has enabled creating responsive decision-making channels. As a result, innovations and intentions are quickly put into effect. The Board of Directors and the Faculty Board supervise and advise on projects so they can find a place in the School’s medium- and long-term strategy. This organizational responsiveness enables the School to adapt to changes in the economic environment (for example, it happened with the 2015 reform of the apprenticeship tax, whose effects were anticipated well in advance).

Excellence: IPAG Business School’s vision is to promote excellence. We propose to take students who may not necessarily have had access to the best possible training to a level of excellence. Similarly, generating research contributes to meeting the highest international quality standards: 30% of rank 1 and 2 publications in 2013, 2014 and 2015 (25% in 2013, 38% in 2015).

With its management training, IPAG Business School intends to meet the highest national and international academic standards, while maintaining the ‘human scale’ of its programs and attaching great importance to values such as courage, humility and exemplary behavior.