Trouver un logement grâce à l’Ipag BSThe governance model established at Ipag reflects its founding principles: independence, transparency, the representation of all those who take part in school life, and close links with companies.

Original governance

The governance model at Ipag Business School illustrates the unique features that make it a Business School with a strong identity.

  • Ipag Business School is a non-profit association under the French 1901 Act. It is independent of any financial interest and there is no shareholder remuneration.
  • Ipag Business School Group is a private school offering a State-approved higher education Masters level diploma. It is independent from public authorities and any political interest.
  • All those who take part in school life are involved in the definition of its main strategic focuses. Its Board of Directors comprises:

AE Ipag, the former students association, as a school belongs as much to its students as to its former graduates;

APE Ipag, the Parents’ Association. Indeed, most of the studies at Ipag BS are financed by parents. No other higher education school has parents as Board members.

  • Ipag is responsive to the needs of business professionals:
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors is the industry leader François Delachaux. He is also Chairman of the Board of Delachaux SA, and Honorary President of Medef Île-de-France.
  • The Skills Development Committee, the “Ipag Circle”, is also an ex officio Board member. It represents former Ipag students who are decision-makers in all business sectors. They are actors in economic life and in a position to express business expectations in terms of training.
Board of directorS

FrançoisDelachaux-(3)François DELACHAUX

President of the Ipag Business School

01 53 63 36 00

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Parents and students association

ValérieNeyraut-(3)Valérie NEYRAUT

Chair of the APE

01 53 63 36 00

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de-bureXavier DE BURE

President of the Cercle Ipag

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Alumni association


President of the Alumni Association

01 53 63 36 04

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BigotGuillaume BIGOT

CEO Ipag Business School

01 53 63 36 06

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Information systems department

emmanuelEmmanuel PAROT

Director of information systems

01 53 63 36 31

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research department

teulonFrédéric TEULON

Director of Ipag Lab

01 53 63 36 00

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international relations and development department

berbardBernard TERRANY

Director of International Relations

01 53 63 36 00

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programs department


Director of the Nice Campus

01 53 63 36 00

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external relations department

oneliaOnélia LAMARRE

Director of External Relations

01 53 63 36 00

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