Le Cercle Ipag

The Ipag Circle is a governance body made up of former Ipag students who have become decision-makers in all business sectors. It is consulted twice a year and compares the courses offered by the school with business expectations.

Ipag Circle: A business development committee

The recently created Ipag Circle committee works to enhance and develop programmes. By comparing the courses offered by the Ipag Business School with business expectations, the school is able to inform its professional, economic and pedagogical strategies.

Ipag Business School is thus connected to the realities of the employment market. The school is in a position to offer its students an education that meets the real needs of professionals.

Members of the Ipag Circle

The members of the Ipag Circle are former school students. They have now become decision-makers in all business sectors. Within the Circle, they hold meetings with the management of Ipag Group, represented by the Rector, the Director of the Nice campus and the Vice-Rector in charge of external relations.

The experience of these decision-makers and their position in the business world constitute a further link between Ipag BS and businesses.

The Ipag Circle is supported by some twenty partner companies: Alphabet, Cari, Fox, Hilti, SNCF, Swatch Group, Teletech, Vicomte Arthur, Keegin, LCL, Ledouble Safran, De particulier à particulier, Wine & Business Club, Isquesta, Dupli Print…

Ipag invites its former students to share their experience and enrich the group by joining the Ipag Circle.