IPAG-Alumni-logoFounded in 1967, IPAG Alumni is a network of 10,000 former and 3,000 current students. It aims at promoting the training offered at IPAG and at facilitating exchanges between several generations of IPAG students.

IPAG Alumni’s website (in French)


How IPAG Alumni works

The IPAG Alumni association gathers former and current IPAG students.

IPAG Alumni’s objectives

  • Make the most of a reliable and effective network of former students
  • Promote IPAG's training program
  • Defend and develop IPAG's image and reputation among businesses and the public
  • Offer professional help and advice to IPAG students
  • Maintain a permanent relationship with graduates by meeting them frequently

Some of the association’s initiatives

  • Organisation of various events: meetings, roundtables, workshops…
  • Promotion of student talents with the Entrepreneurs' Club Awards
  • Online directory of all association members
  • Creation, with IPAG, of a leaflet on former school students who are now decision-makers in large businesses…

Entrepreneurs’ Club Awards

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is made up of entrepreneurs, executives and project promoters. It aims at promoting entrepreneurship, and at advising, guiding and helping those who want to start or buy a business.

Every year, the Awards go to the best student and alumni entrepreneurial projects.


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