IPAG Business School is an independent non-profit association. Its unique governance model ensures that the various stakeholders in the life of the school are represented on the Board of Directors.

IPAG Business School: A non-profit association

IPAG is a non-profit association under the French 1901 Act. It is independent and does not remunerate shareholders. 100% of its financial resources come from tuition fees, the apprenticeship tax and partnerships with companies.

Unique governance model

IPAG’s Board of Directors is currently chaired by François Delachaux, an industry leader and Honorary President of Medef Île-de-France. Its governance model ensures that it is transparent. The presidents of four entities are represented on the Board:

Academic experts, parents, former graduates, Ipag students who have become decision-makers in the business world… are all stakeholders in the life of the school. They take part in decision-making for Ipag BS’s main educational and financial guidelines.