At IPAG Business School, Tuition fees vary upon chosen curriculum: Bachelor, dual degrees / MSc / MBA or Master in Management. 

Master in Management

Programme Fees
Paris, Nice (France) 9 100 euros/year

Nice (France), Turin Politecnico (Italie)

Management, Innovation and Technology programme

9 100 euros/year (+2630euros for the  5thyear at Turin Politecnico) 

Bachelor Programmes

Programme Fee (for 1st and 2nd year) Fee (3rd year)

Marketing et Communication Digitale (Paris)

7100 euros/year

7100 euros/year + 1800 euros/year (for exchange programme)

Marketing et Communication Digitale (Nice) 5 500 euros/year 6 000 euros/year

Management du luxe (Paris)

7100 euros/year  
Management du luxe (NIce) 5500 euros/year 6 000 euros/year

Commerce International (Nice)

5500 euros/year

6000 euros/year

Bachelor Comptabilité et Gestion RH (Nice)

7100 euros/year 7100 euros/year
Bachelor Professions Immobilières (Nice) 6000 euros/year 6000 euros/year
Bachelor Entrepreneuriat et Innovation (Paris) 7100 euros/year  
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

8 000 euros/year


• 9 000 £ if dual degree (EU students)

• 14 000 £ if dual degree (non-EU students)



Dual Degrees / MSc / MBA

Programmes Campuses Fees
Dual Master Degrees Edinburgh Napier (UK) 9 100 euros/year
  Curtin University (Australia)

8 400 euros*/year

*+27 000 AUSD

  Newcastle (Australia)

S1: 4 600 euros

S2: 24 000 AUD

  Greenwich (UK) 12 100 euros (EU)
    14 100  (non-EU)
  South Wales (UK) 9 100 euros/year (EU)
    14 000 euros/year (non-EU)
  CSI (USA) 14 100 euros/year
Dual Bachelor Degrees Ipag Paris/Nice 7 000 euros/year
Bachelor of Business Administration 1st and 2nd year 8 000 euros/year
3rd year (Nottingham and South Wales, UK)

9 000 pounds/year (EU)

14 000 pounds/year (non-EU)

MBA in English IPAG Paris 10 000 euros/year
MBA in French IPAG Paris 8 700 euros/year
IBMP IPAG Paris 8 000 euros/year
Summer Programme Ipag Paris/Nice 2 200 euros/year

Personal computer

To take courses at IPAG, a personal computer is mandatory.

Preferential conditions are negotiated every year with an IT supplier and presented to students.

International Student Identity Card

IPAG issues the ISIC card (International Student Identity Card), recognized by UNESCO. It grants international student status and gives access to a number of services and special offers: car rental, insurance, plane tickets, hotels, restaurants…


IPAG Business School has subscribed a contract with AXA, to guarantee its civil responsibility in case of damage happening at the occasion or because of school activities or internship taken by students in France.

Financial support

Students can benefit from financial support to fund their studies and find accommodation.

Learn more about how to finance your studies. 

Learn more about accommodation solutions.