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IPAGBusiness School is happy to welcome 1,000 international students every year. Although most of our classes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are delivered in English, international students are encouraged to take French language classes as well. Ipag also offers several post-graduate level programmes taught in French (please refer to “Programmes” for details).

Students wishing to enroll must complete all Ipag International Office requirements prior to their arrival in France. It is therefore highly recommended that students keep in touch with their home institution’s International Office, if they are exchange students, or communicate with Ipag Business School’s International Office if they are applying as independent applicants.

Please email us at if you have any questions about your enrolment.


Health insurance

European students must provide Ipag Business School with a copy of their European Health Insurance card. Non-European students must bring a copy of a private medical insurance or subscribe to a French medical insurance on arrival.

• Students from countries outside the European Economic Space who are under 28 years of age on October 1 and enrolled in a recognized educational institution for a program of at least 3 months’ duration are automatically enrolled in the student segment of the national health insurance plan, part of France’s social protection system. Students join the plan when they register at their educational institution. The cost of participation is about €200. Some students (notably scholarship recipients) are exempted from paying the fee. After age 28, non-European students must join the social security system through the health insurance consortium closest to their residence. Addresses for those organizations, known as caisses primaires d’assurance maladie (or CPAMs), can be found on the Web site of the social security system:

• Students from within the European Economic Space (plus Switzerland) may take advantage of the French social security system without additional cost provided they obtain a European Health Insurance Card valid for the entire academic year.

• All other students (those staying for less than 3 months, and students enrolled in institutions that do not participate in the French social security system) must purchase an individual medical insurance policy from a private insurance company. In France, the annual cost of such policies runs from €150 to €550. On average, social security covers about 70% of the expenses related to an illness. Students may obtain supplemental health insurance coverage.

The three largest student group-health plans are:

La Mutuelle des Étudiants :, active throughout France

Emevia, an association of regional student health plans::



Bank account

Students living in the Euro area do not need to open a bank account in France as there are no bank charges when making withdrawals or when paying by credit card. We strongly recommend that non-Euro zone students open a bank account at a French bank to facilitate administrative formalities.

For more information for International Students, please refer to this Guide.


Visa information

Non-EU students need student visa to enter French territory. Ipag Business School does not take care of visa arrangements; please contact your local CampusFrance department or the French Embassy for your country for assistance.

You will need your original acceptance letter to apply for a visa. Please note that this letter will only be issued and sent to you once your enrolment is confirmed and your tuition fees are settled.

You must apply for visa as soon as possible and always at least 2 months before the programme starts.

All prospective students intending to study in an institution of higher education in France for more than 3 months and who are not nationals of the European Economic Space, or of Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino, or the Vatican, must obtain an extended-stay student visa (known as the VLS-TS). The VLS-TS serves as a residency permit for the duration of its validity, provided it is certified by the OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration - You can apply at the French embassy or consulate in your country.


Financial aid

Starting in fall 2014, Ipag Business School will begin awarding diversity and academic excellence scholarships. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in one of our undergraduate or postgraduate programmes taught in English and be less than 26 years old. An excellent academic record and a cohesive career path will be the main selection criteria. Application deadline: JUNE 30, 2014.