4L Trophy IpagStudent Unions

The student union is an organization run by students to protect their own interests and represent the student body. The Union gives you the chance to take part and join groups offering entertainment activities, ski week-ends, parties, sports and travel opportunities and many more.

By joining one of Ipag’s many student societies can get you involved in sporting, cultural or humanitarian events.



A new BDE is elected every year, and multiple events will be proposed:

• Many evenings throughout the year, including the Gala;

• Various events, humanitarian, cultural etc..

The BDE team participates in the student life of the school and is always available to respond to requests from the students.



It allows you to play your favorite sports: rugby, tennis, squash, fitness, bodybuilding, sailing, etc… Each year, the team also organizes weekly skiing trips, various events and outings (big screen viewings of sporting events, special rates to attend live games, etc.).

Student status also makes it easy to stay active in sports through discounted (subscriptions rates) access to athletic facilities from the group Forest Hill (11 clubs around Paris).



Global’Ipag is the association dedicated to your integration at IPAG that organizes extracurricular activities such as nights out, welcome parties for new students, and cultural events. They organize festive and cultural events, for the purpose of making friends and having a good time, while the cultural events will be mainly centered on the discovery of French culture and heritage

They also support you at your arrival and in case of difficulties (paperwork, translations, administrative matters).


Cultural life in France

More than 2,000 cinemas, 1,200 museums, and 33,000 theatrical performances attest to the vitality of everyday cultural life in Paris and throughout France. Festivals of music, song, and dance, athletic events, celebrations of books, food, and science round out the cultural life for which France is rightly famous.

IPAG Campuses are located in city centers, offering easy access to the rich social and cultural life of France’s lively cities. Museums, bookstores, theaters, and cafés are never very far away.

France’s vibrant cultural life offers students access to culture on a daily basis. Even outside Paris, the proliferation of cultural sites is proof of the country’s creative effervescence. Consider, for example, music festivals such as the Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix, the Folles Journées in Nantes, the Eurockéennes in Belfort, Jazz in Marciac, and the Transmusicales in Rennes; the film festivals in Cannes, Deauville, Avoriaz, and Cognac; dance festivals such as the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon and the Part des Anges in Bordeaux; the theater festivals of Avignon and Aurillac; the renowned comic art festival in Angoulême; and national events such as the Journées du Patrimoine and the Fête de la Musique on the first day of summer.