Shooting Façade Ipag Paris (8)While IPAG Business School does not offer student accommodation, students can apply for a room in a student residence hall with another institution. Most of our international students however, prefer private accommodation whether they are enrolled at our Paris or Nice campuses. IPAG Business School can provide students with the details of efficient and trustworthy agencies. Housing is relatively expensive in France, but international students, like French students, enjoy the benefit of housing assistance.

Before looking for a place to live in Paris/Nice, students must decide, in light of their financial means and the length of their program, what sort of housing arrangement is best for them.

For more information and links related to housing assistance:

The IPAG Guide for Exchange and International Students > Living in France > Housing

You are a future international student of IPAG Business School, use the school’s housing platform on which you will be able to:

  • Find a rental close to the campus
  • Find your international or French roommate(s) and form shared rentals
  • Find a subletting
  • Find a room in a French family (ideal for the experience).

Thousands of accommodations from private owners, residences, real estate agencies, or rooms in private homes, are available close to the school.

Register by asking the enrolment key to your school.



Housing assistance

The French Government offers all of our international students financial housing help that varies from EUR 77 to 230 per month. In order to apply for this assistance, the student must:

  • Sign the official land lease indicating the full accommodation address and the rent amount;
  • Subscribe to the French Student Health Insurance (the EU students can use their domestic insurance);
  • Open a bank account in one of the French banks for the period of stay in France (for non-euro countries students only);

Declare their revenues to the French Administration (even if you have nothing to declare).

There are two types of assistance, depending on the type of housing one occupies. The two forms of assistance, which cannot be combined, are social housing assistance (ALS, allocation de logement à caractère social) and personal housing assistance (APL, aide personnalisée au logement). The amount of assistance varies with the rent to be paid and the student’s circumstances. If you are sharing an apartment, you and your roommate may both receive assistance, provided both your names appear on the lease. Information and eligibility criteria can be obtained from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF, family assistance fund) serving the area in which you live.