The international environment is a core component at IPAG and this has been the case since it was founded in 1965. At the time, Jacques Rueff, an advisor to General de Gaulle, wanted executives to train abroad. Today, Ipag students go abroad at least once a year. The school is part of an extensive network of partner universities and receives an increasing number of foreign students. 

Studying abroad

Studying abroad is a core component of the Business School Programme: the 3rd year is spent abroad. Part of the 4th year and 5th year of the Masters cycle can also be spent abroad.

IPAG is attuned to current economic developments and also offers Country Tracks. These courses are specifically dedicated to the emerging countries Brazil, China and Russia.

Study in English at IPAG

IPAG offers a wide range of internationally recognised diploma courses. They are intended for foreign students as part of an exchange and  IPAG students who want to follow an All in English course:

Students at IPAG benefit from a 100% native English teaching staff for these courses. This is a strength and specific feature of the school.

Working abroad

In addition to studies, students have the opportunity to gain international experience during placements or volunteer assignments.

The Careers Service assists them with their vocational integrationin an international environment.

Become a partner/ ambassador

Foreign universities can become partners of IPAG.

IPAG graduates working abroad are encouraged to become ambassadors for the school in order to promote its image internationally.