Intégrer le programme Bachelor de l’Ipag BSThe number of exchange partners has grown steadily  over the past 20 years from 25 in the early days to well over 100 today. These partnerships generate over 300 exchange places every year for students from over 35 countries and 5 continents.

First thing to do when applying to Ipag as an exchange student is to check if your University has signed a bilateral agreement with Ipag Business School.

If that’s the case, you have to be nominated to study at Ipag by your home institution. The admission process will differ depending whether you are a European or a non-European student (please contact you home International Office for details).

If your school does not have a bilateral agreement with Ipag, you can still apply as a freemover.


Maria Puig, exchange student Spring 2014

“My experience at Ipag was amazing because I could learn something different, which gave me the chance to extend my vision and my career. I appreciated meeting new people from all over the world and the way that the school is focus in teach how to work in the business world and how to face it. I’d like to say that the organization of the school is brilliant and the help that is given to the international students is incredible.

I would recommend Ipag to those students who want to have a great experience in Paris, that want to improve their English and French.”