Intégrer le programme Bachelor de l’Ipag BSThe admission process at IPAG Business School is made up of two stages:

1- Checking your eligibility

2- Interview with the admission committee or its representative




Checking your eligibility

As an international applicant, you will need to submit your completed application form together with all the required documents by e-mail. Original documents that are not already in English or French need to be translated into one of these two languages. Both copies are to be submitted to the Admissions Officer or the Programme Coordinator. If you are applying to several programmes, please send your documents to

Detailed transcripts must be submitted for each year of post-secondary study. Please note that your results will be evaluated from an ECTS credits point of view.

Once received, your application will be processed to check your eligibility. You will then receive either an invitation for an interview, if eligible, or an e-mail declining your application if you do not meet the eligibility requirements. The processing of your application may take around two weeks.


Interview with the admission committee

An interview with the admission committee or its representative will be scheduled to learn more about the applicant’s profile, to ensure the coherence of their programme choice and to verify their English level for non-native English speakers. We value well-presented, enthusiastic individuals coming from an international background or willing to gain a truly multicultural experience.

For candidates living abroad, the interview will be conducted by phone or by Skype. Those living in France may be asked to come to Ipag for a face-to-face interview.

The final response will be given approximately two weeks after the interview. If positive, an acceptance letter will be sent by e-mail to the candidate. An official enrolment letter is only issued after the deposit has been paid.